Spending some life upside down

Before I get into the title post, I need to welcome Greg as another new member.  Greg comes to us via his lovely wife Venae that joined in October.  Let’s all welcome Greg and enjoy watching his progress over time.

Would you buy a car from any of these people?

Our monthly benchmark WOD for the month of November was Diane.  Diane is a lovely lady that you get introduced to by bending over and picking up heavy things, then turning upside down to do handstand pushups.  Diane is a 21 – 15 – 9 of 225# dead-lift and the same rep scheme of Handstand Pushups.

This was Venae and Adam B’s first benchmark and their improvements in time using the same scaling were 24% and 44% respectively

Geno, Margit, and Adam K. improved by 24%, 11%, and 8% respectively.

Overall for the group, the improvement was 23% which is consistent with what I have seen over time since starting and opening the gym.

I’d also like to announce here that we have some exciting things going on in the near future:

for members, we will be conducting a 90 day change your life program where all aspects of personal fitness are explored (working out, eating right, and sleeping well).  If you are interested in participating after the first of the year, please contact me and we can get you started.

We will also be doing a weigh in using a water tank to determine body fat percentage, base metabolic rate, lean body mass, etc.  We do have a few slots left, so if you are interested, the cost is $40 for non-members

If you are interested in joining us, monthly rates are currently at $75 per month (for twice per week crossfit classes), and contact me soon for special offers on discounted elements classes (required before joining the general classes)

Merry Christmas to everyone, please enjoy your family/friends/time off/etc.

Coach Phil

Just Getting Started

Well folks, my fitness journey continues on with a new twist.  After 10 years of doing nothing but cardio type sports, I stumbled upon CrossFit about 18 months ago and as they say, the rest is history.

When I started attempting the workouts, I could barely get through any of them much less in a respectable time, then I found a way to join my endurance sports with CrossFit through the CrossFit Endurance program where I became certified in June of 2010.

That class was so fun that I started doing CrossFit at a local box and took my level one certification in March of this year, and now, I’m officially a CrossFit Gym.

The name of the place is CrossFit Pflugerville, and I’m happy to announce that I have several folks that are working out with me and are starting to get results.

With that, please follow along and by all means if you hear of someone wanting an effective conditioning program send them my way.

While your here, please “Like” me and check back frequently to see how things are progressing.