It’s a Major Award . . . It must be Italian

Or probably better said. . .  Congratulations Venae on all of your hard work over the past 90 days.

Instead of posting a long winded response, I’ll let everyone listen to Venae’s story in her own words.  The summary is that Venae has changed her life, and Crossfit Pflugerville is a part of it.  I’m honored to have her as one of my athletes, and hope to see her continue the outstanding work in her quest to reach ever higher goals.

Here’s the video:

If you want the numbers, Venae had 77 points over second place which was actually her husband Greg.  Greg got sick during the process, and I can imagine over dinner there is already talk of a rematch.

By the numbers, Venae accomplished the following

  • Weight — Down 30 lbs
  • BF % — Down 4.6 %
  • Phosphagen pathway improvement — 11%
  • Glycolitic pathway improvement — 27%
  • Oxidative pathway improvement — 8% improvement

Venae amassed points by doing the following:

  • logging every meal
  • sleeping 7+ hrs. per night
  • hitting the gym HARD (including while on business travel)
  • having a full blood profile worked up

Congrats Venae, keep up the good work!

Coach Phil

Goodness Gracious, We’ve had a big Month


As the title suggests, we’ve been incredibly busy this month with CrossFit Pflugerville, we have set goals, accomplished some, almost completed others, welcomed Adam back after the birth of his second, did the Fight Gone Bad workout and showed some serious improvements

To start, I’d like to let you all know what goals my athletes have set for themselves:

  • Margit – 5 box Jumps
  • Joey – box jumps to a 20″ box during a WOD
  • Sheila – 10 unbroken “standard” pushups
  • Amy – 3 dead hang pullups
  • Geno – 5 Handstand pushups
  • Adam – 5 unassisted dead hang pullups
  • Phil – one muscle up

I’m proud to announce that Margit has completed her box jump goal and then some, you can see her video here:

Amy has gotten 33% of the way to accomplishing her goal by doing her first ever dead hang pullup just last week. (keep up the good work Amy)

In the Fight Gone Bad WOD, everyone that bookended the WOD ended up improving.  As a group, we improved by by 13%.  Some had as high as 20%, the lowest was around 7%.  At a minimum, everyone improved and that is why we do all of this.  One of the more memorable quotes I heard on assessment day was “are you sure we should be using 20# kettlebells?, they seem way too light!”

I’m glad I’m hearing this because this is the type of improvement that CrossFit is all about: being overall better at life movements than you were the day/week/month before.

Great Job girls and boys, I’m proud of all of you, and proud that you have trusted me to be your coach!

Keep up the good work!!!