Six for Six . . . .

This is a short posting, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that of the folks that didn’t miss class due to the holiday hustle and bustle, we went six for six on setting new squat PR’s.

I really just can’t say how proud I am of the folks that have been showing up and putting out on gaining real strength during the past nine weeks.

I hope everyone is preparing for a stronger, fitter, and more exciting new year.

Coach Phil

Another big month at CFPF

Well, we’ve had another big month at CFPF like the headline says.

Let me first welcome new members Venae, Adam, and Eric.  I can’t wait to see the results of their efforts.  They have all completed elements, and have joined the general population in the Tuesday AM class.

For the rest of the crew, we completed Wittman as our monthly benchmark and as I suspected, they all saw improvements.

We did have some absences, and we are working to schedule these folks in, but the ones that completed both ends of the benchmark showed a ton of improvement.

The improvement breaks down like this

JM showed a 22% improvement in her time compared to the beginning of the month
MH showed a 36% improvement in the number of reps completed, and the time it took her
AJ showed a 25% improvement in the number of reps completed, and the time it took her

Check out how much my girls improved on this doozy
Wittman Results

Let’s all congratulate these girls on the fantastic improvements that they were able to achieve, and we cant forget Geno and Adam as they both pushed themselves hard over the month, but due to business and family commitments, were not able to get the second one in.  Judging by how hard they worked all month, I’m sure we would have seen a similar 20% improvement.

Stay tuned for a member of the month video coming up soon!