It’s time to get things started

Just like the Muppets

This time of year is always nice to refresh things, so I’m going to take the time to refresh the gym rules

1. Don’t be stupid — as a participant, you are the only one that knows the difference between hurt and injured. The only way I can possibly know to offer an alternative movement is if you tell me. Also, know how to do appropriate self care, and know when to see a medical professional. You all know that I only have one cure for all ailments (squats of course)

2. Show up consistently — it may not seem so, but there is a plan and a natural order of things. My programming is designed to see continued changes over time. Dunkin donuts built quite an empire by showing up every day

3. Effort is expected — as the narrator said “I ran. I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more.” My met cons are typically between 6 an 15 minutes, a little battery acid never hurt anyone (unless rule 1 above applies)

4. We support each other — encourage your fellow gym goers don’t try to coach them (if you have ideas on a particular movement, please pull me aside after class. I just don’t want to confuse anyone on the basics.). Don’t be a douchebag, just offer honest encouragement to get them through the workout.

5. Your fitness is a vehicle — to do cool Shit. I’m looking for something like this. Take the time to try something that you have never done before, train for it, and do it! Don’t forget to have fun along the way. Keep I’m mind that PFSC is a strength and conditioning gym. You do work I’m here so that triathlons, adventure races, obstacle races, etc are more fun.

6. Eat right — you can undo a lot of hard work in the gym with a bad diet. You NEED protein, fat, and carbs. Ideally you should get your protein from multiple sources (beef, poultry, pork, and fish will yield a complete amino acid profile). Fats should also come from multiple sources (nuts, seeds, animal fat, fruit/vegetable sources). Your carbs should come mostly from widely varying vegetable sources.

6. Sleep well — despite how good you think you function on 5 hours of sleep per night, you really don’t. Your body repairs all the daily damage from stress, working out. Sleeping is quite possibly the best performance enhancer that doesn’t end with the sound OL, and combined with a complete diet will get the results that you feel on a daily basis in your real life.

Some motivation for 2013, and tell me again What’s your excuse?

Ok folks, we are about to begin 2013, and as I’ve mentioned in class, I’m issuing a challenge to motivate you all to take charge and hit the necessary elements of taking your fitness to the next level.  Those elements are:

  • Diet
  • Doing the work
  • Pushing the envelope
  • Educating yourself
  • Results don’t lie

Buy-in for this challenge is $75.  This is a bet that you are placing on yourself!  You have a direct influence on the outcome.  Deadline to declare participation and put your money where your fitness is is January 11th.  The judging will begin when we all return to the gym on January 8th.

Some of you have done this before, some it will be your first experience of a challenge like this.  The overall goal is to have a focused time period that you can change your life by taking specific actions in how you approach your fitness.  The overview of the program is in this LINK.

For those that sign up, I’ll be doing the measurements and body-fat testing during the first week that we return.  I’ll communicate a schedule as soon as I get it hammered out.


If you are looking for an excuse, this guy lists out several that may work for you.

I just really like this video.  Especially when he talks about counting on you at any given moment

I also enjoy this one, despite how you feel about Arnold, they guy has been successful as heck.


I don’t like the word “resolution”

I’ll tell you why I don’t like the word a bit later in the post. . . If your’e doing what I’m doing at this time of year, you are trying to find that one light that is causing the entire set to not turn on.   Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long to get to this level.


Once you get the lights, garland, elf on the shelf, the tree, and make the eggnog, it’s time to sit down and enjoy some of the glory of the Christmas season.  It’s time to celebrate the birth of Christ, spend time with family, and of course loosen your belt and watch some football during some sort of a food induced coma.


Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the season and the associated food coma but remember that shortly after the festivities are over with, it’s time to start thinking of the new year, a new you and the changes to your healthcare plans.

It’s a dirty word “resolution”

The reason that I don’t like it is because it rarely seems to stick, with me, or anyone that I know.  Instead of resolutions, I like to think of things in life changes, and establish plans to make those changes permanent.

We have some slots open at CrossFit Pflugerville in all of our classes.  If making a life change in your fitness is something that you would like to do, I have an offer for you.  I am offering a 50% reduced rate for 3 months for the next 5 people that sign up to join one of those classes (limited to availability – contact me at the gym phone number if you are interested).  After that 3 months, for those 5 people, the rates will continue at a 25% discount from the published rates on the website.

For those members, as well as all of my existing members, I’m going to do another challenge, but it will be a bit shorter in duration (6 weeks).  I’m still developing the full format of the challenge, but there will be the typical fitness components as well as an education component with it.  There will be fitness goals associated with body composition, as well as educational elements, and and some comfort challenges along the way.