My efforts to keep the poo out of my bloodstream . . . with measurable results!!!

Ok, the poop in my bloodstream comes from an article I found about a year ago from Tim Ferris (link below) that led me to Robb Wolf (also link below).  Well, since the beginning of the year, I’ve gone about 95% Paleo.  I can’t say that it’s been 100% easy, but I have been surprised by what I’ve discovered along the way.

As a quick summary, I can say that my motivation for doing this is to get my diet into a lot better under control, and make eating right . . . easy.  With the Paleo diet, I eat lean meats, fish, pork and fowl, healthy fats like avocados and nuts, along with as many great tasting vegetables as I can shove down my pie hole.  With this approach, I eat 3 solid meals per day, and I can’t say that I’ve gone hungry, and I really don’t have any neurosis over food (such as weighing, measuring, having to carry food like a pack mule to eat 5 times per day, etc.).  I tend not to be ravenous the day after hard workouts, and my cravings for junk food have mostly subsided.

I just had my blood profile checked, and the summary is that I’ve improved in all of the areas that matter.

  • In my “good” Cholesterol, I had an improvement of 48% from 35 to 52 (this is the “mop” that cleans up the mess “bad cholesterol” in my blood)
  • My Triglycerides dropped from a previously “healthy” 150 down to 35.  (this is the dissolved fat in my blood)
  • My fasting glucose went from about 90 (high normal) down to 72 (low normal).  (this is the hormonal response to sugars in the system)

In the arena of weight loss, by my scale, I’m down by about 10 pounds, I’m getting body fat tested again on April 10th, so I’ll get the exact numbers then, but with the blood profile above, it matters less to me as I’ve got the stuff that matters moving in the right direction.

Don’t confuse this lifestyle with the Atkins diet which encourages Ketosis.  Atkins is effective on lots of fronts, but I wasn’t willing to go carb free and put weight loss above the longer term lifestyle changes.

Paleo can be quite high on the carbohydrates, although the sources are vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash, peppers, onions, etc.  The big catch with the Paleo Diet is that you avoid all grains (wheat, oats, especially soy, rice), legumes (peanuts, black beans, etc.), and milk.

The foods to avoid are all in an effort to manage inflammation associated with auto-immune diseases and overall gut health.  You can get a primer on this in the following [Tim Ferris] link How to keep feces out of your blood stream.

So what does a typical day’s food look like to me


  • 3 eggs, 4 strips of bacon, 1/4 cup of onions, 1/2 cup of red/green bell peppers, 1/4 cup mushrooms scrambled with coconut oil and served over spinach with a V-8.


  • 4 – 6 Oz Chicken thighs, one sausage link, a can of Sardines, 3 pieces of Kale, about 1/4 of a red and green bell pepper, a handful of carrots, 4 -5 slices of cucumber.


  • 10 Oz of Steak, butternut squash, garden salad with tomatoes, Avocado, peppers, snap peas, olive oil with balsamic vinegar for dressing, and water.

The place where I consciously cheat on this diet is with my coffee.  I have quit all of the processed products (that taste really good) in favor of using heavy whipping cream (lots of fat, but no carbohydrates).  Another place for occasional cheats is with the booze.  I’ve switched over from beer to a non-grain based adult beverage in the form of a Norcal Margarita.

If you are interested, please check out Robb Wolfs book “The Paleo Solution”.  Robb boils years of microbiology, cancer research, digestion, and endocrinology into something so simple even I can do it.  In Robb’s book, the Paleo solution is (at least for me) three pronged: diet, physical fitness, and sleep habits.  It helped me, perhaps you can benefit as well.  If you would like more information please hit me up on facebook at Crossfit Pflugerville, or on my e–mail at

Best Regards,

Coach Phil


Spending some life upside down

Before I get into the title post, I need to welcome Greg as another new member.  Greg comes to us via his lovely wife Venae that joined in October.  Let’s all welcome Greg and enjoy watching his progress over time.

Would you buy a car from any of these people?

Our monthly benchmark WOD for the month of November was Diane.  Diane is a lovely lady that you get introduced to by bending over and picking up heavy things, then turning upside down to do handstand pushups.  Diane is a 21 – 15 – 9 of 225# dead-lift and the same rep scheme of Handstand Pushups.

This was Venae and Adam B’s first benchmark and their improvements in time using the same scaling were 24% and 44% respectively

Geno, Margit, and Adam K. improved by 24%, 11%, and 8% respectively.

Overall for the group, the improvement was 23% which is consistent with what I have seen over time since starting and opening the gym.

I’d also like to announce here that we have some exciting things going on in the near future:

for members, we will be conducting a 90 day change your life program where all aspects of personal fitness are explored (working out, eating right, and sleeping well).  If you are interested in participating after the first of the year, please contact me and we can get you started.

We will also be doing a weigh in using a water tank to determine body fat percentage, base metabolic rate, lean body mass, etc.  We do have a few slots left, so if you are interested, the cost is $40 for non-members

If you are interested in joining us, monthly rates are currently at $75 per month (for twice per week crossfit classes), and contact me soon for special offers on discounted elements classes (required before joining the general classes)

Merry Christmas to everyone, please enjoy your family/friends/time off/etc.

Coach Phil