Beware the Ides of March! and other fitness Hyperbole

Like the headline says, February is almost over, and by now, the holidays and post new years euphoria have likely worn off . . . the newness of that gym membership, that fad diet, that quest for more organization in your life.  The Ides of March are coming, by the time they get here, will your resolution be a thing of the past, or something that you have stuck to and changed your life?

The assassination of Ceasar took a conspiracy of an evil triumvirate (and up to 60 others according to Plutarch).

With respect to your fitness, and any resolutions that you have made with respect to your fitness, it takes a triumvirate of a different nature.  Physical work, good nutrition, and good rest are not the triumvirate that seeks to do you harm, but are you protective group of actions that you can take to insulate yourself against the rest of the Senate and other conspirators that may try to detract from your personal fitness goals.

The vast majority of the CrossFit Pflugerville family have taken on a challenge that is supposed to last 90 days.  Within this 90 days, each member is supposed to be working on three things:

  • Getting to the gym and putting out
  • Eating right and keeping a log of it
  • Trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night

During this time, there is no shortage of distractions or conspirators that can try to derail your resolutions (facebook, work, the kids, having to mow the yard in February, etc. etc.).  Now is the time that if you have fallen off the proverbial horse to get back on it.  If you haven’t been to the gym, get there (you will be a more productive father/mother/worker/friend for the effort).  If you’ve fallen off of the diet with a man versus food vendetta, knock it off, get out your food log and get serious about it.  If you aren’t getting enough sleep, log out of facebook, turn off the computer, and go to bed!.

When this year is gone, don’t be the one to utter the words “Et tu, fitness and health?”