When do we have classes/events:
At this time, I have essentially two official classes per week.  Tues/Thurs AM and PM, and a Wed/Fri AM class.  These classes do the same workouts so that everyone can keep up with busy schedules, etc.

Were you a CrossFit affiliate at one time?

Yes,  I started the gym with no affiliation, and called it “Phil’s Gym”, then decided to affiliate with CrossFit.  The gym was called Crossfit Pflugerville for two years, and I decided to let my affiliation to lapse this year.  This ultimately came down to a financial decision for the gym, and where I’m at in life and how big I want the gym to get.

I’m a runner, What can Pflugerville Strength and Conditioning do for me?

We specialize in making your core strong.  When you are running, if your core is weak, you will waste energy and not be as efficient as you could be.  This wasted energy makes for slower 5K, 10K, and marathon times.

Will I get bulky with your workouts?

NO, we are not a bodybuilding gym, we focus on core movements, and building strength in the basic movements.  The side effects of these workouts is good muscle tone, ability to move your body in ways that may have not been previously possible, and overall awesomeness.

Do you have Release forms, etc. on line that I can bring with me

Yes, Right HERE

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