I’ve had a bit of an epiphany

This won’t be a fancy post with lots of pictures or pithy commentary, rather a summary of a new certification that I’ve been trying to get for the past year.

The certification is for Biosignature Modulation by the Poliquin group

Essentially our bodies like to talk, they do it through all kinds of mediums, heart rate, exhaustion, storing fat, etc. this cert was all about reading where the body stores fat to tell exactly what is going on at the cellular level.

The process entails measuring ski folds at 12 different sites and implementing strategies to address each of the findings

Example is Cortisol signaling. Storing fat below the navel is a sure sign that you are stressed out an not getting enough rest. Getting your cortisol mixed up makes it behave in a manner that makes many more of your bodies hormones do the wrong thing at the wrong time (I know that soused sciency). If you want to learn more about cortisol , follow this link right now!

I know a guy that is a manager at a high tech company, has two kids, a wife, and in his spare time builds swimming pools and coaches 6 or 7 classes a week. Anyway, after having ten people measure the sites on me, I’m going to be making some changes in how I manage my life

1. 3 cups of coffee max per day. For the past year I’ve been drinking a pot and a half per morning, then 2 or 3 cups during the day

2. Getting to bed on time. This will be particularly difficult on Tues/Thurs night. I had several of the folks I’ve never met measure my calf and immediately tell me I need more sleep

3. Eating right. I’ve been gluten free, but that is probably the only high point. I’ll be going back to the Paleo diet with lots and lots of veggies

I may be looking for some folks to practice on I’m the coming weeks



Back to our regularly scheduled program

At this point, we are all back in the swing of school, and the kids extra – curricular activities are in full swing.  I like to step back and take stock of where I’m at a few times a year, and the beginning of school is a good time to do it.

At the gym over summer, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working on muscular endurance.  Now that we are back to our regularly scheduled program, we are going back to a strength phase.  

I talk about why we are doing this all the time, and the basic idea is that the stronger you are, the longer you will be able to live independently. Getting up off the toilet is nothing more than the concentric phase of a squat.  Old man time is going to catch up to all of us at some time or another, and I’m just as happy to put up a huge fight.

For my membership, I’d really like to have you guys read this, and give me your thoughts.

Here’s a quote to perk your interest:

Because strength is the most general adaptation you can obtain. Strength is called into action any time you produce force, and the stronger you are the more force you can produce, no matter how you got strong.

Not every force application involves maximum force production, but the stronger you are, the better you’re able to produce force in situations where your strength must be used repeatedly, quickly, slowly, irregularly, or differently, in positions of balance or imbalance, while fresh or fatigued, recovered or sore, distracted or focused, for a few seconds or a few hours or days. This is why baseball players take steroids.

Phil’s interpretation:  If you can squat 1.75X your bodyweight, and Press your bodyweight, then a 95 lb thruster should be just about the easiest movement we do (unless you weight 45 pounds)


I don’t like the word “resolution”

I’ll tell you why I don’t like the word a bit later in the post. . . If your’e doing what I’m doing at this time of year, you are trying to find that one light that is causing the entire set to not turn on.   Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long to get to this level.


Once you get the lights, garland, elf on the shelf, the tree, and make the eggnog, it’s time to sit down and enjoy some of the glory of the Christmas season.  It’s time to celebrate the birth of Christ, spend time with family, and of course loosen your belt and watch some football during some sort of a food induced coma.


Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the season and the associated food coma but remember that shortly after the festivities are over with, it’s time to start thinking of the new year, a new you and the changes to your healthcare plans.

It’s a dirty word “resolution”

The reason that I don’t like it is because it rarely seems to stick, with me, or anyone that I know.  Instead of resolutions, I like to think of things in life changes, and establish plans to make those changes permanent.

We have some slots open at CrossFit Pflugerville in all of our classes.  If making a life change in your fitness is something that you would like to do, I have an offer for you.  I am offering a 50% reduced rate for 3 months for the next 5 people that sign up to join one of those classes (limited to availability – contact me at the gym phone number if you are interested).  After that 3 months, for those 5 people, the rates will continue at a 25% discount from the published rates on the website.

For those members, as well as all of my existing members, I’m going to do another challenge, but it will be a bit shorter in duration (6 weeks).  I’m still developing the full format of the challenge, but there will be the typical fitness components as well as an education component with it.  There will be fitness goals associated with body composition, as well as educational elements, and and some comfort challenges along the way.