Back to our regularly scheduled program

At this point, we are all back in the swing of school, and the kids extra – curricular activities are in full swing.  I like to step back and take stock of where I’m at a few times a year, and the beginning of school is a good time to do it.

At the gym over summer, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working on muscular endurance.  Now that we are back to our regularly scheduled program, we are going back to a strength phase.  

I talk about why we are doing this all the time, and the basic idea is that the stronger you are, the longer you will be able to live independently. Getting up off the toilet is nothing more than the concentric phase of a squat.  Old man time is going to catch up to all of us at some time or another, and I’m just as happy to put up a huge fight.

For my membership, I’d really like to have you guys read this, and give me your thoughts.

Here’s a quote to perk your interest:

Because strength is the most general adaptation you can obtain. Strength is called into action any time you produce force, and the stronger you are the more force you can produce, no matter how you got strong.

Not every force application involves maximum force production, but the stronger you are, the better you’re able to produce force in situations where your strength must be used repeatedly, quickly, slowly, irregularly, or differently, in positions of balance or imbalance, while fresh or fatigued, recovered or sore, distracted or focused, for a few seconds or a few hours or days. This is why baseball players take steroids.

Phil’s interpretation:  If you can squat 1.75X your bodyweight, and Press your bodyweight, then a 95 lb thruster should be just about the easiest movement we do (unless you weight 45 pounds)


Some motivation for 2013, and tell me again What’s your excuse?

Ok folks, we are about to begin 2013, and as I’ve mentioned in class, I’m issuing a challenge to motivate you all to take charge and hit the necessary elements of taking your fitness to the next level.  Those elements are:

  • Diet
  • Doing the work
  • Pushing the envelope
  • Educating yourself
  • Results don’t lie

Buy-in for this challenge is $75.  This is a bet that you are placing on yourself!  You have a direct influence on the outcome.  Deadline to declare participation and put your money where your fitness is is January 11th.  The judging will begin when we all return to the gym on January 8th.

Some of you have done this before, some it will be your first experience of a challenge like this.  The overall goal is to have a focused time period that you can change your life by taking specific actions in how you approach your fitness.  The overview of the program is in this LINK.

For those that sign up, I’ll be doing the measurements and body-fat testing during the first week that we return.  I’ll communicate a schedule as soon as I get it hammered out.


If you are looking for an excuse, this guy lists out several that may work for you.

I just really like this video.  Especially when he talks about counting on you at any given moment

I also enjoy this one, despite how you feel about Arnold, they guy has been successful as heck.


Six for Six . . . .

This is a short posting, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that of the folks that didn’t miss class due to the holiday hustle and bustle, we went six for six on setting new squat PR’s.

I really just can’t say how proud I am of the folks that have been showing up and putting out on gaining real strength during the past nine weeks.

I hope everyone is preparing for a stronger, fitter, and more exciting new year.

Coach Phil