I need some help naming the “Machine”

Many of you know hat I had surgery to correct a torn Labrum in my hip last week

Also, as you all know I’m only 27 years old, so I was a little surprised to have hip problems at such a young age. 

Just a brief in the surgery, the labrum in your hip is like a cartilage gasket that keeps the ball in the socket. I messed mine up at some point and had constant pain since February this year. 

Here’s my before picture  

And, here’s the after pic 


The worst part of the process so far

My first words when I woke up from the anesthesia was a Forrest Gump quote not about shrimp  

Your gonna feel a little pressure 

So the side effect of surgery no one warned me about was that it’s common not to be able to empty my bladder after surgery. Here’s a picture of the staff prepping the catheter.  

Although it wasn’t cool at all, I’m thankful that it was done  honestly the pain from my full bladder was worse than any of the surgery pain

The machine

I got sent home with a machine and the typical post surgery instructions. No weight bearing at all for 4 weeks, a set of crutches, a handful of papers, and a CPM machine that manipulates my hip for 6 hours per day

I despise this machine not because it’s painfull, but because I have to sit in one spot 2 hours at a time to allow this thing to move my leg around. 

Please help me name this contraption so that I can make friends with it. 

Down time . . .

So far, I’ve watched the following movies:

Nightcrawler:  really crazy movie – I reccomend it

Roadhouse:  seen it before, but always worth watching again

Army of Frankensteins:  ok, I only watched this because a friend was in it. I can’t recommend this one because it would take lots of work to elevate this to a B movie. 

Wolverine:  watched this one because it’s a fun word to say. Excellent fight scenes if your into that . . .


Like a fool, I continue to be a Rangers fan. I’ve watched a lot of baseball (2 games). I hate to think it, but they sure seem to be fading

Football:  I typically watch only the tech games. Since Tuesday, I’ve watched about 12 games including the nightmare in Dallas yesterday. 


I’m pretty sure that I’ve read 87.3% of the entire content of the web. 

Video games:

I pretty much only play call of duty and Halo.  Haven’t done much of this yet


Haven’t read many because I fall asleep and don’t want to get my days and nights mixed up

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