It’s about time to cut the nonsense

I’ve said this before, I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, I’m a fan of lifestyle changes and getting a little better every day. With this thought process, it’s just about time to get serious about fitness with an old fashion challenge

I’ll be doing this year pretty much the same as last year. Everybody that’s interested throws in $75. At the end of this, the person with the most points takes home some sort of prize. How much, or what the prizes are will vary on participation.

Here’s what you get if you participate:

Before and after body fat testing
Participation in Saturday workouts (vs the normal $5)
Participation in interesting challenges
Assignment to an accountability partner
Other benefits as we’ll

Here’s the basic rules.
1. Show up and work hard in the gym
2. Participate in the challenges
3. Keep a food log
4. Keep a sleep log

Scoring will be based on points for participation, and BF percentage lost. The whole idea here is to focus on setting some good habits and then maintaining them.

Please inquire if you have questions

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