I’ve had a bit of an epiphany

This won’t be a fancy post with lots of pictures or pithy commentary, rather a summary of a new certification that I’ve been trying to get for the past year.

The certification is for Biosignature Modulation by the Poliquin group

Essentially our bodies like to talk, they do it through all kinds of mediums, heart rate, exhaustion, storing fat, etc. this cert was all about reading where the body stores fat to tell exactly what is going on at the cellular level.

The process entails measuring ski folds at 12 different sites and implementing strategies to address each of the findings

Example is Cortisol signaling. Storing fat below the navel is a sure sign that you are stressed out an not getting enough rest. Getting your cortisol mixed up makes it behave in a manner that makes many more of your bodies hormones do the wrong thing at the wrong time (I know that soused sciency). If you want to learn more about cortisol , follow this link right now!

I know a guy that is a manager at a high tech company, has two kids, a wife, and in his spare time builds swimming pools and coaches 6 or 7 classes a week. Anyway, after having ten people measure the sites on me, I’m going to be making some changes in how I manage my life

1. 3 cups of coffee max per day. For the past year I’ve been drinking a pot and a half per morning, then 2 or 3 cups during the day

2. Getting to bed on time. This will be particularly difficult on Tues/Thurs night. I had several of the folks I’ve never met measure my calf and immediately tell me I need more sleep

3. Eating right. I’ve been gluten free, but that is probably the only high point. I’ll be going back to the Paleo diet with lots and lots of veggies

I may be looking for some folks to practice on I’m the coming weeks


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