Back to our regularly scheduled program

At this point, we are all back in the swing of school, and the kids extra – curricular activities are in full swing.  I like to step back and take stock of where I’m at a few times a year, and the beginning of school is a good time to do it.

At the gym over summer, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working on muscular endurance.  Now that we are back to our regularly scheduled program, we are going back to a strength phase.  

I talk about why we are doing this all the time, and the basic idea is that the stronger you are, the longer you will be able to live independently. Getting up off the toilet is nothing more than the concentric phase of a squat.  Old man time is going to catch up to all of us at some time or another, and I’m just as happy to put up a huge fight.

For my membership, I’d really like to have you guys read this, and give me your thoughts.

Here’s a quote to perk your interest:

Because strength is the most general adaptation you can obtain. Strength is called into action any time you produce force, and the stronger you are the more force you can produce, no matter how you got strong.

Not every force application involves maximum force production, but the stronger you are, the better you’re able to produce force in situations where your strength must be used repeatedly, quickly, slowly, irregularly, or differently, in positions of balance or imbalance, while fresh or fatigued, recovered or sore, distracted or focused, for a few seconds or a few hours or days. This is why baseball players take steroids.

Phil’s interpretation:  If you can squat 1.75X your bodyweight, and Press your bodyweight, then a 95 lb thruster should be just about the easiest movement we do (unless you weight 45 pounds)


2 thoughts on “Back to our regularly scheduled program

  1. This is true, and the main reason for this is when a person gets stronger, submaximal movements require the recruitment of less muscle fibers. Basically, if you can squat 300lbs and press 150lbs, then a 90lb thruster will require the contraction of less muscle fibers than if you could only squat 200lbs and press 100lbs.

    A quote from my most recent blog post: ” Weak muscles work harder to do what strong muscles can do easily.”

    Enjoy getting stronger!


    – James

    • I believe that the intensity of the muscle contractions is actually lower. The same number of fibers are activated to do the job. Example of a V8 going down the road at 65 mph, still uses all 8 cylinders, but at sub-maximal power. In the car example, the fuel is gasoline, in the muscles, fuel is ATP.

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