Sir Mix a Lot was a fitness pioneer

Aside from being able to completely trust someone who likes big butts, I think that he was really onto something big with that song.

I could wax prolific about the abounding benefits of doing all forms of squats, like how they tax the central nervous system (CNS), and core muscles so dramatically that weighted back squats may be the complete panacea to fitness.  I could add that doing them is a necessary step in the fight against sitting disease.  I could go into the EMG data on the abs when properly executing a front squat.  I could talk endlessly about the amount of benefit that you would have in athletics, and recreational activities from 5K’s to triathlons.  Instead of all of that, I’m going to try to tie squatting to the fitness goals that I most often hear.

Overall Fitness:  I say this all the time during my classes that we want to carry as much muscle mass as possible into old age.  There’s lots of reasons for this, but the main one is that more massive muscles are generally stronger.  The primary muscle involved in getting up off the toilet is your glutes.  Being able to get off the toilet when I’m 90 without assistance is pretty important to me.

La Vida Loca:  Having more lean body mass increases your resting metabolic rate.  This matters because if you buy into the calorie balance business, then you can afford a few extra calories per day.  Go ahead with that cookie

Weight loss:  I personally actually discourage folks from thinking in terms of weight loss, and try to encourage body composition improvements instead.  Adding 3 lbs of lean muscle to your posterior and watching what you eat will result in a significant BF% improvement.

Look good naked:  I think the picture below  that I took from this link really says it all:  The girl on the left probably watches everything she eats, and punishes herself on an elliptical for 5 hours per week.

Athletic performance: Strong glutes are the backbone of just about any athletic movement from good strong running, making that jump shot, or having a strong kick off the wall at the swim meet.

The basis for building a strong butt is doing squats.  They are a great place to start any fitness program, even if you don’t have plans for the olympics, trying out for the NBA, or walking on to the local Division 1 football program.  Squats are building blocks to just about every movement out there, and are foundational to injury prevention.  Having a strong backside is elemental in all aspects of your life whether it’s being able to stand up straight, or participate in the local 5K.   If none of these reasons are enough to do squats, I guess you will just have to trust me. . .  I cannot lie.

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