The Lumberjack 20 – the results show

OK, so now that the 90 day challenge is behind us, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming where we do a WOD at the beginning and end of the month to track our improvement.  This month’s benchmark was the Lumberjack 20.

You can read more about the Lumberjack 20, and how it got it’s name, etc. by following this link to the Crossfit Main Site.

This month, the Crossfit Pflugerville crew did a great job in honoring the fallen by really putting out to get the work done.  For the workout, I set the cutoff at 25 minutes, and in the first go round, we only had one person finish.  In the second go round, we had 3 people significantly improve their times, and two that finished with the exact same time.  for improvement, Overall we had 3% improvement on this WOD in one month of working out.


I think this picture says it all

I’m sure that we would have seen more improvement, but with the end of school, other commitments, and people traveling, I’m happy with the results.  Also this month, coach Phil did a workout to honor our vets called Murph, you can read more about this over at the Spandex Donkey.

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