What We are all about

Mission Statement:  It is the mission of Pflugerville Strength and Conditioning to educate, enrich, and bring a level of fitness to anybody at any level that seeks overall fitness improvement.  Furthermore, Pflugerville Strength and Conditining will provide a level of professional training that treats the client as an individual where their goals are attained through a positive, supportive group atmosphere, fun workouts, and committed coaches.

Vision Statement:  The vision of Pflugerville Strength and Conditioning is to improve the overall fitness of individuals such that they can enjoy active, full, and fun lives with their friends and families.

Like the title of this page says, “My gym is different”.  Kinda says it all for PFSC, we’re small, but we have a great crowd of athletes that are working towards all kinds of different goals.  This video came from the folks at CrossFit New England.

This video is also a nice one that sort of says why we do it at all.  It’s lots of fun, and basically allows us to do things we might not otherwise do fitness wise.

The video interprets a lot, but I’d like to add a few things in text form.  In essence, PFSC is a functional fitness program that prepares you for anything life can throw at you.  My personal experience has found that these workouts have done a much better job in preparing me for doing mundane things like yard-work, building fences, swinging a pick axe, etc.

I’ve been working out my entire life in just about all forms, going to the globo-gym, running races, wrestling, Ironman, etc. So far, I’ve found that these workouts have enabled me to continue those athletic pursuits, set some new personal records, and feel better in daily life activities.

4 thoughts on “What We are all about

  1. I have a difficult schedule and am wanting to try this particular coarse of workout. I am not able to find a location and came upon your website. Just as the last paragraph states…”i’ve been working out my enire life in just about all forms, going to the globo-gym (multi), running races, etc…and im am still fat, tired, and so upset with myself. so if you can please send me an amount of how much and a schedule to see if i can fit in my daily NON 9-5 hopefully i can fix the above problems. thanks

    • Please check the rates/programs and calendar/faq page for the details. As of today, I do have some openings in the majority of my classes.

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